WHY choose Seawater Pro Desalination ?

  • USA manufactured options
  • Lowest cost US made watermakers in the world.
  • High quality components in all our systems.
  • Innovative design and engineering
  • Field proven – Over 1160 units in operation worldwide.
  • Lifetime warranty on in-house manufactured parts.

Modular Desalination

Seawater Pro currently manufactures modular marine desalination systems ranging from 65lph-160lph in output. A modular systems is a good choice because it give you flexibility in installation. You can custom fit the watermaker into the available space you have, tucking components behind panels or under floorboards. 

At the moment we only offer modular units having temporarily stopped production of our portable units. We will be releasing the next generation Seawater Pro portable watermakers soon with significant improvements.  We have the best valued watermakers on the market bar none. 

  • Single Membrane complete 12v 65lph and 240v 70lph from $4850 AUD
  • Dual Membrane complete 240V 120lph to 150lph from $5750 AUD

We try to keep our prices in line with the exchange AUD/USD exchange rate where possible. Call 0439699407 for current pricing and orders.



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  • Modular design allows for a custom fit into limited spaces
  • Modular systems available in DC 12v or AC110v/240v
  • Production from 65-120LPH. 200+LPH with high capacity motor/pump and multiple membrane configuration  
  • Stainless or nickel plated pump options with ceramic pistons
  • US made efficient motor
  • US made DOW Filmtec Membranes,
  • US made pressure vessels and fittings
  • In house designed and made constant flow pressure regulators.
  • Shock resistant designed pressure housings
  • Control panel option
  • Auto rinse timer
  • LIFETIME warranty on all in house made parts