Marine systems

Making potable water from the sea water is essential for any ocean going craft. If you intend to spend an extended period of time out on the water, the need for reliable potable water becomes a priority. Desalination is the only reliable way of ensuring that you have potable water when and where you need it. A desalination system can purify seawater to a superior quality than tap water. Heavy metals and biological contaminants are removed in the process leaving you with very clean water with a TDS reading of less than 120ppm in most cases from seawater at 35000ppm.

In a marine environment reliability is key. Our systems use quality components that are field proven. Seawater Pro USA manufactures fully modular desalination systems in 12V, 24V and 110V and 240V which you can custom fit to your vessel.

12V/24V DC

If you have a robust battery bank and solar array a DC (direct current) powered system is an efficient option. DC systems are becoming more commonplace as solar technology and efficiency keeps improving. Lithium batteries with a larger bank of drawdown amps also makes DC a viable option. Installing a large solar array has become much cheaper. A DC system can efficiently harness this ‘free’ energy.

Our 12V System uses a Leeson USA DC motor coupled with a 316 stainless Annovi Reverberi or GP 316 SS pump and our US made 3rd generation pressure vessels. Note – The 12v motor is not able to drive dual 40” membranes efficiently. For a dual 40” membrane 143LPH+,  we use the 24V Leeson motor.


240v systems are the most common and popular configuration we sell. Single and dual membrane systems can be powered with most 3000W invertors or a Honda EU2000i. Most boats have a generator and a 240v system has redundancy – it can run on your solar and battery bank if you have a large enough invertor and directly off your generator. 240v systems in 1 to 3 membrane configurations. Production starts at 70lph to 200+lph. We offer nickel plated and stainless high-pressure pump options. We use Italian made Comet, Annovi Reverbri and GP pumps in all our systems.

High pressure pump considerations

We offer both stainless and nickel plate pumps options with most of our systems. We do not try to upsell the stainless pumps to our customers, we rather provide you with our opinion based on our experience and knowledge. The stainless pumps cost $330 over the nickel. The nickel plated pumps are very resistant to salt water corrosion. Immediate flushing after every production session will ensure that freshwater sits in the pump for the majority of its life. Saltwater exposure and corrosion is therefore limited to the water production phase only. Consider that both the nickel and 316 stainless pumps have the same rebuild intervals. The difference being the stainless rebuild kit is quite expensive more than half the cost of a new nickel pump (at our bulk prices). It is more economical to replace the entire nickel pump in the long run than to rebuild the seals and pistons on a high hour stainless pump only to put the same manifold crank/conrod back into use in our opinion. It is up to the customer what they feel best with. If the watermaker is installed in a moist environment a 316 stainless pump will be more resistant to to corrosion.

Further options

Option Price
Stainless aggressive environment HP pump
Remote panel with 6ft HP hose additional @$15.50/ft $610
40” 3rd Gen Seawater Pro Pressure vessel and USA Dow Filmtec membrane – available to previous Seawater Pro customers only. $990