Seawater Pro USA

Seawater Pro has been manufacturing  desalinators for over 5 years. In that time the company has grown significantly to be the most popular manufacturer desalination systems in the  sailing and boating market in the USA. Our desalination systems are found all over the world . The Seawater Pro LLC company is run by Mike a former naval engineer, prior to that he operated a large machine shop which specialized in manufacturing high precision components for companies in the marine, automotive, and US military. Seawater Pro’s goal is to develop cost effective desalination solutions using quality US made components where possible. Seawater pro has invested in state of the art machinery and we manufacturers fittings, pressure vessel end caps, high pressure hoses and membrane pressure vessels in our Fort Lauderdale workshop and engineering associates in Texas and California. Seawater pro brings the highest quality desalinators DIRECT to customers. We are is developing new products all the time. Please feel free to check the videos and see some of our production processes.

Seawater Pro Australia

Seawater Pro Australia was formed to supply the Australian and ultimately the South pacific markets with Seawater Pro desalinators products and services. Seawater Pro Australia is the exclusive distributor and dealer for Seawater Pro desalinators. We service Seawater Pro units and handle warranty matters. We work closely with Seawater Pro USA , and can supply Seawater Pro products to Australia and the Pacific in bulk which reduces freight costs. Savings are passed on to customers. We are determined to bring a quality product to consumers at an unbeatable price. Seawater Pro Australia is based in North Brisbane Queensland.